Drs. Judith Bovendeerd

  • Doctor
  • Psychiatrist

With my diploma as a general practitioner and tropical doctor, I started training to become a psychiatrist in 2006, after six years of development work. People and their unique story fascinate me enormously. The unique differences and connecting similarities between people is what keeps me passionate.

Working from a client centered perspective, I like to integrate various techniques and psychotherapy streams. If desired, I advise on medication and can prescribe it. My areas of special interest are adults with ADHD, high-functioning autism, depression, anxiety, (singular) psychotrauma and personality problems. I work, when appropriate, with online consultations and with eHealth modules.

I offer group training in mindfulness (MBCT) and in lifestyle psychiatry, in which sleeping, exercise, relaxation, nutrition and meaning are discussed.

For treatment with me you need a referral to the Specialist Mental Healthcare from your general practitioner.

There is currently a registration freeze. As soon as it becomes clear when there is room for new registrations again, this will be communicated on the website.

Psychiatrist BIG: 190 485 88 101
Personal AGB-code: 030 68 110

I work with contracts of all insurances, except for CZ and VGZ. I expect to have contracts with all insurances in 2024.

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