Guido Roelandt, MSc

  • GZ-psychologist

After my psychology studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, I joined my family practice in Krimpen aan den IJssel. I have enjoyed working here from 2009 to 2015, gaining a lot of experience in treating both children and adults. I obtained my qualification as a GZ psychologist in 2017. After this I took over the family practice and eventually continued independently. I recently left the Randstad with my family and we have settled in Dussen, where I now live happily with my wife and two sons on our outdoor property.

I work in an enlightening, unbiased and goal-oriented way. I like to help people where they get stuck. I like my job and don’t shy away from difficult issues. As a GZ-psychologist I am broadly trained and I treat the most common complaints. This includes mood problems, anxiety, trauma, developmental disorders and mild personality problems. I treat mild to moderate problems and do this with various techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, insight therapy, solution-oriented therapy, ACT and schema therapy.

GZ-psychologist BIG: 59923417625
Personal AGB-code: 94101037
Practice AGB-code: 94067208

For treatment with me you need a referral to the Generalist Basic GGZ.

The waiting time for intake is currently approximately 10 weeks. There is no waiting time for treatment, the treatment starts immediately after the intake.

I have a contract with all insurers for 2023. This means that the entire process is reimbursed by the insurer. Please take into account the obligatory deductible excess.

Here you will find my quality statute.

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