Drs. Jolanda Poelakker

  • Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist

My background consists of a broad life and work experience, gained in the Netherlands and abroad. After studying International Management Tourism and Leisure, working in various positions and making several long journeys, I decided in 2008 to change course and focus on psychology and then psychotherapy. As a psychotherapist I focus on the diagnosis and treatment of adults within De Vesting.

I have a special and fascinating profession, because in therapy we go on a quest together with the aim of removing obstacles to growth. I usually work from an insightful psychodynamic framework combined with various techniques (solution-oriented therapy, schema therapy, EMDR, ACT, etc.), adapted to what is necessary and desirable.

Psychotherapist BIG : 29928848316
Personal AGB code : 94108605

For treatment with me you need a referral to the Specialist GGZ.

I currently work WITHOUT contracts with health insurers. For 2022 I will have contracts with various health insurers.

Here you will find it quality statute and the privacy statement by Jolanda Poelakker.

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