Janine Janssen - Practice de Vesting

Janine Janssen

  • GZ-psychologist
  • System therapist

Sinds 1993 ben ik werkzaam als psycholoog en orthopedagoog en vanaf 2005 tot 2020 heb ik met veel plezier en passie als GZ-psycholoog en Orthopedagoog bij Psychologenpraktijk van der Schee en van Oss gewerkt. In 2011 I joined the partnership and until 2020 I was also a practice owner in addition to a GZ psychologist. In 2020, the practice was sold to FortaGroep and I continued my work as a branch manager, team leader and GZ psychologist for children, young people and adults. Because entrepreneurship and self-employment continued to attract me, I decided in 2022 to start working partly for myself again in this beautiful practice with nice, expert colleagues.

I offer individual therapies to youth and adults and group therapies to adolescents. Over the years I have started to work more and more systemically because I believe that problems cannot be seen separately from the context in which we live and it is therefore very helpful to involve those close to those involved in the treatment. That means I also work with families. Because I think systemic work is so important, I decided in 2016 to follow the training as a system therapist.

What is very important to me in my work as a therapist is that a good working relationship is established in which people feel safe and accepted and in which they can tell their story and say what they want to say without feeling judged or judged.

In addition, I usually do not place myself in the role of an expert who says what needs to be done, but I help people to (re) find solutions to their own difficulties. Confronting is also part of it sometimes, but I try to do that in a way that it doesn’t damage the relationship. I am open to feedback and try to keep a critical eye on myself as a care provider.

Professionally, I have become proficient in, among other things, solution-focused therapy, EMDR (trauma processing), insightful therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy and schema therapeutic interventions.

GZ psychologist BIG: 99050634425
Personal AGB-code: 94004620
Practice AGB-code: 94067199

For treatment with me you need a referral to the Generalist Basic GGZ.

The waiting time for intake is currently approximately 4-8 weeks. There is no waiting time for treatment, the treatment starts immediately after the intake.

Voor 2023 heb ik met de volgende zorgverzekeraars een contract afgesloten: Zilveren Kruis/Achmea, Caresq, Zorg en Zekerheid, Eno, Menzis, ASR.

Here you will find my quality statute.

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