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Anne van Vucht

  • Contextual therapist

Anne van Vucht

I received my creative education during the 1990s. After becoming a mother, I resumed my studies later in that same period. I followed the four-year training to become a Contextual Therapist with enthusiasm at Leren over Leven in Amsterdam for my practice. I have successfully completed this study in 2022. I bring my creativity as a valuable resource to my work. Visual arts, music, and poetry can be a support in telling one’s own story.

Contextual therapy is a branch of systemic therapy, and is a form of therapy that focuses not so much on the individual, but on what takes place between individuals who are part of each other’s lives, the system.
It is called contextual because your family context (from three generations) is involved in your story. It is also a form of family therapy. The whole family doesn’t need to be present for that. Individual contextual therapy can work very well too.

The aim of this therapy is to establish a secure and healthy connection with others. As a help against anxiety, loneliness, and depression, I believe in learning to engage in healthy, trustworthy relationships. From our past, we have sometimes developed patterns that can hinder that.

Where do you come from?

A connection with others also demands something from our connection with ourselves. Information about ourselves originates in the past. Although we cannot change our history, we can look at it anew. Discovering that history can reveal new feelings about your own story.

How does that work?

Firstly, mapping out your own family story.
What is the recent history, what patterns may have emerged, and what feelings are associated with them? You gain more insight into yourself and where you come from. Your family tree and roots.
This is helpful because contextual therapy assumes that we all want to be loyal to our roots.

With that loyal perspective, we also discuss the things that are happening in the here and now. Where are the obstacles? What do you possible want to change or which relationships deserve improvement? What needs to be discussed finally, what needs to be healed or processed?

With care and enthusiasm, I want to be helpful in this process.

My role is to create a space where your story can be told. There will be no judgment and from my multi-sided bias, the whole family system is in a safe place. My questions will be focused on recognition and connection.

Dementia and the family

During my training, I wrote a plea for more family guidance in nursing homes. Personal experience taught me how difficult it can be to continue to understand each other in caring for a shared family member. The contextual theory fits well with this and can therefore be helpful in not losing each other despite the differences.

Do you, possibly with part of your family, need a conversation about the admission of a family member to a nursing home? You are welcome to join the conversation about the progress of this process.


Individual conversation 1 hour* € 95.00
Conversation from two people 1.5 hours* € 145.00

* A conversation can sometimes take longer because your story needs more time. These costs will not be passed on to you.

An appointment can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. For appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance, costs will be charged.

Conversations do not qualify for reimbursement through supplementary insurance.